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Welcome to the new!

Welcome to our all new website! As the years have progressed here at SlopeStyle (can you beleive its been 8 years!?) we constantly are pivoting and changing our strategy to keep up with the times. Retail has been under immense pressure in the last decade from big eCommerce companies and changing buying habits of consumers. As we have seen the change unfold we realized it was more important than ever to stick to our strengths and focus on the customers walking through our doors each season. While we tried to compete with our own e-commerce site it has become very apparent that it is too time consuming for a store of our size. We have decided that it was time to let the e-commerce business fade away and continue to grow our successful departments in store. Both Gordie and myself love coming to work every day for the genuine customer interactions that can only take place in person. Neither of us dreamed of copy writing and computer programming as our daily job. We hope you like the new site as we decided to simplify it and try to allow you to better understand it is what make our store tick. Stay tuned here for fun events and good old fashion ski banter, or better yet come hang out with us in store!

As always thank you for the continued support of our local ski & bike shop!


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