Rental Programs

Save Money With the SlopeStyle Ski & Ride Lease Program!

Packages start at only $99.99! 

Seasonal Lease:

The Details:

 1. Choose which package you wish to lease. The packages include:

  -Standard Junior Ski Package: $99.99 (includes skis, boots, poles)

  -Twin Tip Junior Ski Package: $169.99 (includes twin tip skis, boots, poles)  

  -Adult Ski Package: $199.99 (includes skis, boots, poles)

  -NEW for the 2017/2018 Season! Adult Premium Ski Package: $299.99 (includes skis, boots, poles)  

  -Junior Snowboard Package: $99.99 (includes snowboard, boots, and bindings)

  -Junior Premium Snowboard Package: $169.99 (higher performance board) 

2. Come in to SlopeStyle Ski & Ride in Montpelier, VT for your professional fitting. Our staff will fit you based on years of experience and feedback from ski instructors. If you a feel a different size will work better in the season we can swap them out at no charge!

3. Pay for the package and choose if you would like the damage waiver or not. The damage waiver is only $10 and covers everything except for the loss of the equipment. We do not require a security deposit, however, do ask for a copy of your credit card to keep on file. If the gear is returned on time the credit card copy will be destroyed.

4. Use the gear!

5. Return the equipment by May 31st and start dreaming of the upcoming winter!

Additional Lease benefits:

-Free tune ups on the gear in season

-Free fit guarantee, if the skier or rider outgrows their gear during the season bring it back for a size upgrade!


Daily Rentals:

The Details:

1. Choose Your Package.

-Complete Ski Package: $40.00 / Day (includes skis, boots, & poles)

-Ski Only: $30.00 / Day

-Ski Boot Only: $20.00 / Day (Plus $20.00 binding adjust/safety check)

-Complete Snowboard Package: $40.00 / Day (includes snowboard, boots, & bindings)

-Snowboard Only: $30.00 / Day

-Snowboard Boot Only: $20.00 / Day

-Junior Complete Package (ski or snowboard): $30.00 / Day

-Junior Ski or Snowboard Only: $25.00 / Day

-Junior Ski or Snowboard Boot Only: $15.00 / Day (Plus $20 binding adjust/safety check on
ski boots)

*For adult complete packages, first 3 days will be $40.00, all additional days will be $30.00.

2. Pay for package and decide whether or not you would like to include the $5 damage waiver which covers all damage to gear except for loss of the equipment.

3. Have a valid credit card imprinted as the security deposit. Nothing additional will be charged as long as the gear is returned by predetermined date and time.

4. Use the gear!

5. Return by predetermined date and time. Any gear not returned will be charged a replacement fee.