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Tuning & Boot Fitting

We have a full service tune shop here at SlopeStyle that is capable of anything from a quick sharpen and wax to a full on base surgery. There is no job too small or too big for our technicians and we offer fast turn around time to get you back out there on the hill. The list of rates is below and of course if you have special requests just let us know.

Quick Edge and Wax - $25

Stone Grind, Sharpen, Wax - $35

Complete Stone Grind Tune - $45

(includes minor base fills)

Deluxe Stone Grind Tune - $60

(includes major base fills)

Hot Wax - $10

Binding Relese Check - $20

Binding Mount (Includes Test) - $45

Misc Repair Per 1/2 Hour - $30

Season Tune Card - $169


We pride ourselves on Bootfitting here at SlopeStyle and gurantee the fit on any boot we sell out of the store. This means that any customization of the fit will not be assesed any additional fee once an aftermarket footbed is installed. The footbed is a must so that we know your foot is stable before anything gets modified. We can also stretch, punch, or grind your existing boots to make them fit more comfortably. Come on in for a free ski boot analysis!


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