Native Dropzone Goggles

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Native Dropzone Goggles - Midnight/Dark Gray Lens

When the weather is variable, swapping lens out mid-run or on the chairlift is a pain. The DropZone™ goggle features a single-button spherical lens interchange solution. Simply push the button up and pop the lens out. Reinsert your alternate lens into its binding and push the button down to lock the lens in place. Add in Native's SnowTuned™ lens technology with an incomparable anti-fog coating, snow-specific color filtration, and frames built for long-lasting comfort and you’ve got yourself a goggle that won’t hold you back on the best pow run of the day. Lifetime Warranty.

SnowTuned™ Technology

SnowTuned™ lenses are optimized for the specific conditions created by snow and changing light that are characteristic of our favorite snowy landscapes. Vacuum-bonded scratch resistant coatings and mirrors, water/grease repellent barriers, color-enhancing optics, and anti-fog coatings extend their utility and endurance in backcountry conditions.