Bicycle Pick-up Service

New for this summer, SlopeStyle Ski & Ride of Montpelier, VT will be offering free pickup   and delivery service for bicycle repairs to employers in the Central Vermont region!

We know it can be a hassle to find time to run your squeaky bike down to the shop due your busy work schedule so, we will come to your workplace to pick it up!

The process is simple:

  • Call us at (802)225-6320.
  • We will schedule a pick-up time and have a quick discussion regarding the needs of your bike.
  • We will pick-up your bike from your work, bring it back to our shop, and give it a quick once over.
  • We will call you with a comprehensive quote and repair time.
  • Once completed, we will call you to schedule a drop-off time.

Quick jobs, such as flat fixes and minor derailleur/brake adjustments, can possibly be returned the same day. More comprehensive tunes will need to stay here for a few days, possibly a bit longer if parts need to be special ordered.

We will be running this service through the entire summer, ending on September 1, 2017 as we transition back into ski season. We will be equipped to take all forms of payment at delivery, you can even pay with a credit card!